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The Buying Process For an Exceptional Real Estate Experience

When you partner with The Godfrey Group for your home purchase, your Godfrey Agent will be representing you and guiding you through the entire buying process.

The Buying Process

During your initial consultation we will review your current and future goals, establish your timeline, pinpoint the area and type of property desired as well as determine your ideal price range.

Once we have established your goals, we will discuss the best method of funding your new home. Whether you will be paying all cash or obtaining a mortgage, we will go over all available financing options. We will then go through a pre-qualification with our preferred lender or your lender of choice, to determine the financing and down payment options available that best fit your needs.

Once we have determined your ideal home and have the best funding option in place, your Godfrey Agent will begin the search for your new home. This search will include current and coming soon available properties as well as setting up a search to instantly notify you of new property listings that meet your criteria. We will also utilize our network of contacts that may have properties available but not listed for sale.

Once you and your Godfrey Agent have determined the best homes to view that fit your criteria, we will determine the best option for viewing the homes. Through virtual tours, photos, drive by visits and full interior and exterior personal onsite showings, we will then narrow down which home you would like to make an offer on.

Once you have selected the home you would like to make an offer on, you and your Godfrey Agent will decide how much to offer for the home, along with any conditions that need to be included in the offer. Your offer will then be presented to the seller or the seller’s agent. The seller will either accept your offer or issue a counteroffer. You can then accept, or we will continue negotiating until you reach a deal or decide to stop and pursue another home.

Once an agreement has been reached and both parties have signed, your Godfrey Agent will assist you in making the escrow deposit per the terms of the Purchase Agreement. The home you are purchasing will then be considered Under Contract and we will proceed with the next phase of the buying process.

Once you are Under Contract, your Godfrey Agent will start to process all the items that will need to be completed prior to closing. These items include the delivery of the Purchase Agreement to the Title office and Lender, Title Search, Loan Processing, the Home Inspection, Appraisal, and any other Due Diligence items listed in the Purchase Agreement. If any issues arise with any of the Under Contract items, your Godfrey Agent will work to resolve and negotiate those items, always working with you, in your best interest, and keeping you informed throughout the process.

Provided the items during the Under Contract period have been completed, and the lender and title office are ready to close, your closing will be scheduled. Your Godfrey Agent will review all closing documents and the closing statement and go over each one of them with you. Once you are comfortable with all the paperwork, you will sign the closing statement and necessary documents, wire your portion of the funds required to close and complete the closing.

You are now the proud owner of your new home! Your Godfrey Agent will hand you the keys, go over any other items and be there for you if you need anything after closing.


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